Clothing stores’ haul

I was slowing down with posts in the last few days, as it has been quiet on the blog, and I am still strying to get used to the time change. I am taking advantage of this vacation food wise, as staying with mom means having good food on the table most of the time, not mentioning eating out. I am spoiled 🙂

Shopping wise though, I haven’t been inspired, mostly due to the fact that stuff isn’t as cheap as I imagined anymore. Also, the night market where I got most of my stuff last trip home was moved far away, so I don’t get to go anymore. It sucks.

The only thing I bought so far was this pair of pumps I needed for the wedding party. I wore a black strapless dress, so I guess the shoes would fit. They cost me less than CAD10, quite comfortable to wear, but the heels were a bit higher than I wanted 🙂

I guess I could include some items I hauled in Halifax during one of the sale days at the mall before I left for vacation.

These suede purple boots are from Sirens, found at the clearance section for 50% off from CAD39.50 originally.

They are very comfortable to wear, lovely flower patter on the soles. As I mentioned before, purple kinda grew on me, as I have been wanting to get more purple items than ever before.

Now I just need to pair them up with a fun outfit, and I’m good with this weather.

Leggings, also at Sirens, were ranging between CAD12.50 and CAD14.50 each originally. I got them BOGO.

The first and last pairs had denim-wash-like prints on them, which I thought very cool. The black pair was lace, and the bronze pair has metallic look.

I have been wanting to get more leggings, and it was hard to stop at 4 pairs, I have to admit 🙂

Moving on to Suzy Shier, I got this purple hand bag for 50% off (retails for CAD25).

Nothing really fancy about it, but I like the folding handle and the plies on the front. It’s also very light weight, which is a plus, as I normally have to carry quite a bit of stuff in my bag.

This is a good alternative to the current black bag that I carry.

These glossy/ shiny boots were also 50% off from CAD35. I was lucky to find them at this store, as the one near my place didn’t have anything on clearance at all.

This pair didn’t fit in the trendy category, as it didn’t have any studs or fancy zippers, just a regular/ normal style you can see everywhere. I like the strong frame of the bottoms, it makes the boots look very sturdy.

And black is more wearable, so I figure I could get some good use out of these.

Couldn’t leave the store without some accessories, so I got a 2-strand necklace and hoop style earrings for CAD5. Didn’t beat the 10 for $10 pricing at Claire’s but Suzy Shier sometimes do have some fun looking jewelries to “diversify” my little stash.

I actually brought with me home a few similar items and surprised mom. You might have heard that people prefer gold/ silver/ white gold jewelry over here in Asia, but I didn’t want to bother with high value stuff when I travel. I was more for a casual fun look this time.

Hope everyone had a good Monday. Don’t forget to enter my Marcelle Classic Elegant giveaway which is going to be closed this Friday. And then, we can move on to the giveaway that I promised in my Balmshell review post.

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