Coalition Meets, Will Focus on Connected Economic Efforts

The ONE Nova Scotia Coalition will meet today, July 21, in Dartmouth to discuss how closely connected groups and businesses can work together to enhance their role in Nova Scotia’s economy.

“Our urban and rural areas have many strengths and successes,” said Kentville Mayor David Corkum, ONE Nova Scotia member.

“We need to recognize the assets we have in all areas, and how they work together, complement and reinforce each other, to fully realize their potential.”

The area being explored is a driving force behind most regional economies known as growth clusters, which are concentrations of closely connected businesses and institutions in the same industry. Working together, these groups can make the most of economies of scale, innovation, infrastructure and access to talent.

In Nova Scotia, these areas include information communication technology, ocean products and technology, wine and other agricultural products, tourism, and creative industries.

The Ivany report called on government, industry and community leaders to agree traditional rural sectors, such as tourism, manufacturing, mining, fisheries, forestry and agriculture, are essential parts of a single new Nova Scotia economy. The sectors also need to be more productive, innovative and competitive. Collaboration will help enhance regional strengths.

Teresa MacNeil, chair, Rural Communities Foundation of Nova Scotia, Pamela Scott-Crace, incoming chair, Creative Nova Scotia Leadership Council, and Glen Squires, chair, Tourism Association of Nova Scotia, will join the discussion.

The meeting is the last in a series with special guests, academics and experts, discussing potential actions to improve Nova Scotia’s economy. Over the summer, the volunteer members of the ONE Nova Scotia Coalition will work with all the information gathered.

“You have to plan, prepare and expect to win,” said Henry Demone, chairman of the board at High Liner Foods, and ONE Nova Scotia Coalition member. “The Ivany commission knew this and asked for a 10-year plan because an all-party, multi-partite approach is essential if we are to unite and revive our economy.

“We need to come together behind a plan that focuses our efforts on the areas and actions that have the best chance to turn Nova Scotia around and give us all a brighter future.”

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