color trends for 2010

Last week, I went to the Benjamin Moore Color Trends Forecast for 2010. Designed for “Color Professionals & Architects”, it was presented by their Color & Design Manager and detailed their projections in terms of color, design and trends for 2010.

Hard to say what I liked best.

There was a bit of talk about how the entire industry is changing so that it’s much more green. A combination of things like new technologies and VOC regulations are driving this. That’s not a bad thing in my books.

There was also some interesting information on two of Benjamin Moore’s new products including “Aura”, which you’ve probably already seen commercials for. It’s a new 100% acrylic resin paint that promises some great features: dries in 1 hour, 2 coat maximum, contains self-primer and self sealer (read: you don’t have to use primer and it still promises that you’ll never need any more than 2 coats!), is durable & washable, and has exceptional hiding power.

The second product is called “Natura” and is their greenest product. Actually, it’s the first of its kind in the industry. It promises to be odor-free, fast drying (also 1 hour), and VOC free. This one does recommend the use of a primer (they also make a “Natura” primer) and colors will be available in flat, eggshell and semi gloss. This product will be in stores in May. Sounds good to me…I hate the smell of paint and really try hard not to think about what I’ve been breathing in.

Now to the sexy stuff. This part of the presentation was a combination of music and tons of photos from around the world that included the very latest in fashion trends, new design influences and, of course, colors.

It was such a visual feast, my brain was buzzing for the rest of the afternoon. I’d show you pictures, but the color chips aren’t available just yet…

Here are the three color themes that Benjamin Moore is predicting for 2010:

One – “genesis” which is all about real colors found in the natural world. From green to yellow, the greyscale continues. Carbon color footprints. New beige and white. Monochromes in colored and earthen neutrals. Beautiful hues of browns, creams, greens, reds…think sand, flowers, grasses, root vegetables. Colors include: wild mushroom, forest moss, yellow finch, frostline, granite.

Two – “the new luxury” which is more about values and less about wealth. Sophisticated deep and rich tones. Bold translucency and art-inspired brights contrast against beige grounds. Gold, bronze, copper. Sustainable color choices accented with luxurious chromas of organic brights….think eco-chic. Colors include: sandlot gray, granite, wild orchid, caponata, summer plum, gold.

Three – “ingenuity” which is considered more out of the box and fun. Unexpected and free. Sporty hues and glimmers of metallics. Playful color tones. Prismatic color, ombre effects. Bold and vibrant yellows, blues, oranges…think freedom of expression and right-brain thinking. Colors include: seaweed, midnight navy, salsa, fairview taupe, bronze.

I’m excited and have lots to think about in terms of new color combinations. But the two biggest burning questions for me are:

Who’s job is it to aptly name each and every one of the new colors & write the prose that describes these color trends?


How do I become part of the “North American Creative Forecasting Team” that travels the globe to identify color, design influences and themes of new fashion trends?

Give me a call, Benjamin Moore. I’m available.


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