i love what you did with your coddler!

by Ellen Landry

{Note: from time to time I will have special guests contribute to “just a little rouge…”. This week’s blog is written by my friend and hairstylist extraordinaire, Ellen Landry. This style-maven also has many years experience working in the home décor retail business and has been a regular writer / contributor to a variety of style magazines including Lifestyle Nova Scotia.}

An egg coddler is a kitchen tool designed to be used when cooks wish to make coddled eggs. Using an egg coddler greatly simplifies the process, and the egg cup also makes a handy serving dish for the eggs at the table. A number of companies make egg coddlers and cups, with some antique and vintage versions being highly sought after collector’s items. Many kitchen supply stores stock them, especially those which focus on British foods.

That’s basically the egg coddler and egg cup, by definition. But I have found a few other uses for them over the years, and it is my pleasure to share them.

Let me give you a little background, if you don’t mind indulging me. I, like Suzanne, find great joy in “trolling” antique stores, second hand furniture stores, yard sales, what have you. One Saturday morning, at a friend’s yard sale, I happened across 6 perfect little plain white egg cups. They were delightful on their own, lined up on my kitchen counter, but I soon found myself using them in a few very useful, interesting ways. Let me tell you how.

1 or 2 cups make almost perfect bud vases. When I receive, or buy myself a bunch of flowers, I like to steal a few buds and put one in the entry way to my apartment, one in the powder room. Just add a bit of water to the cup, float the bud inside, what could be easier? The one in the entry way gives guests a sneak peak and a nice personal treat when first walking in.

3 cups lined up across your table top, with a single larger flower in each (perhaps a peony for example) at a dinner party or buffet is an interesting alternative to a more traditional center piece. Or round them up for greater impact. One in a guest bedroom makes for a thoughtful, innovative surprise.

I have used these little cuties for individual salt servings, butter servings, spice servings (you get the idea) at dinner parties. Guests will love that you took the time, and it adds unexpected personality to your setting.

My cups are a little small for this, but they do come in a variety of sizes, so why not use them as a tea light holder? Floating the tea light in a bit of water prevents messy cleanup and you are ready for the next use.

How about an incense holder? I put a bit of sand in the bottom of my egg cup, but a few strategically placed river rocks, a bit of oasis, or even brightly colored pebbles used for aquariums will work. Just remember to put the whole thing on a decorative dish or charger, preventing incense burns on furniture.

I bought pastel colored Easter eggs (they are essentially made of styrofoam, but you would never know) a few years ago and I…yup, use the cups to display them at Easter. They are pretty, and I enjoy them so much more this way, verses in a bowl on my coffee table.

Speaking of Easter, it is egg decorating time. Kids love to display their handy work. Use the cups and enjoy the finished product in every room. If you can stand to part with one, wrap the whole thing in a bit of cellophane, embellish with ribbon or raffia, and give it as a gift to a friend or relative.

These are just a few of my experiences with the egg cup. Obviously not just for the original purpose anymore. A bit unconventional, hopefully an enjoyable read, and may you feel inspired to show your egg coddlers and egg cups, sitting lonely at the back of your cupboard, a lil’ love.

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