Donair Eggroll?

I heard an ad on the radio today for donair eggrolls. The initial idea grosses me out, until I remember that donairs are freaking awesome. This is categorized with the new Big Mac Snack Wrap, which sounds gross, but who knows! I think they’re aiming to create the illusion of healthiness. You can make anything healthier when you wrap it in a soft tortilla, am I right?

I’m currently watching The National and Rex Murphy is awesome. That’s all. 
You know what’s gross? Like, really gross? A cat with the runs. Sorry, an overshare I’m sure, but seriously. I was a reckless pet owner and despite all the warnings I changed their car food abruptly. They loved the food, but Hank has been sick since yesterday morning. Sick all over the place. Beyond nasty. 
I switched back and thank the good Lord above he’s better today. And this is a very good thing, because no one likes runny cat poop in their shoe. 
DHCB Campaign Launch

New Downtown Halifax Campaign Targets After-Work Crowd

i love what you did with your coddler!