I’m not sure how many blog posts I’ve titled “yarg”, but sometimes that’s the only word I can think of. 

I’m feeling a little stressed at the moment, and what better release than to blarg to the internet about it! When I feel complainy, or when others are being complainy I think to myself, “It’s hard being white, isn’t it?” This isn’t a racial thing, as it may at first appear but it reminds me that I’m getting into poor me mode, and whatever I’m dealing with isn’t really that bad. My life is not that hard.
On that note, I’m a little itsy bit stressed. I’m moving at the end of the month, and I don’t know how it’s going to happen. My brother has already said he’s not going to help, and that annoys me. He can’t anyway, because it’s a weekday, but he said he wouldn’t help before he knew that. So there goes one person with a truck. I’m also trying to buy a couch, but I need to pick it up and I don’t know how that’s going to happen… 
I’ll probably just hire somebody. I can move most of it just in my car, but I have 4-5 big things that are too heavy to move myself and too big for my car. 
Then there’s my tax situation. Let’s just say there’s been a bit of a gap since the last time I filed. I don’t think I’ll owe them anything (they usually chase you if you owe) but you never know so I just need to get it over with, and I plan to do that this week. 
And lastly, I’m probably a little worried about moving into my new schedule this week. I have 5 day shifts this time, instead of the 1 I had in the old schedule. I stay up late and sleep in, so I have to change into a move normal schedule. This starts on Wednesday, so I have one night to do it. 
And I need to get a cell phone, but I’m worried my credit might stymie that.
Ok, you’re right. I don’t have much to worry about. I also can’t take care of any of it today, because it’s a holiday (I’ve already tried, with no success). So I’m just going to make my list, watch a bad movie, and do my laundry. That, I can handle!
Charles Cirtwill

Charles Cirtwill

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