Moving on … somewhere?

Have I mentionned I’m moving? Well I am, and tomorrow is the “big day”. 

The way things have worked out, I am unable to help in moving the stuff because I’m working. I haven’t worked a weekend in months and it’s a little weird, but at least I get out of moving? 
I’m very fortunate however, that my family is able to help out and get me moved over to the new humble abode in Bedford. I’ve done Dartmouth, Halifax, and now B-town. I suppose next it’ll be Sackville but we’re not going to worry about that for awhile!
After much rigamarole I picked up the keys today and checked the place out. If you overlook the construction dust all over the floor, the crappy paint job, the “eyehole” in the master bedroom door, the missing closet door, the blue fixtures in the the bathroom, the stinking fridge, the noisy neighbours, the beige cabinets, the broken window latches, the lack of window screens, and the crazies, it’ll be perfect!
And to top it all off, a kid I used to work with is doing the renos in another apartment and I keep running in to him. I think today is the first day he recognized me, but I’m obligated not to “make first contact”, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens!
I think I’m a little anxious about this whole move because I’m leaving a cheaper place with more luxuries (i.e. washer/dryer in the unit, dishwasher, practically soundproof) for a more expensive place with none of those…
But that’s ok right? I’m young enough to still live in sketchy places? At least the neighbourhood seems great – quiet with lots of single family homes. I just happen to share a building with a bunch of gangsta’s and the women who love them. 
Ah well, I’m sure it’ll lead to some excellent blog material! 
Bedford merchant Rob McLeod stands outside his new store, Entity Boardshop. The store is set to open on May 9.

A shop for the boardriding tribe

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