Oh. It’s You.

Don’t you hate it when some blogger you’ve been following for twenty years suddenly decides they’re too “good” for their blog and they have to look elsewhere for meaning in their lives?

Or when a blogger posts intermittent pleas for you the lowly reader to hang-on, I’ll be back again someday?
Or when they just post pictures of they’re completely scrumptious nephew in hopes that it will fill the light-less hole that is your life until regular blogging resumes again?
Then again, it is rather presumptuous to think that anyone cares at all. Not care, I guess, but notice. Is this thing on?
I like the writing thing, and for one reason or another I’ve been avoiding it like people who avoid things. Fear of success! You haz it!
Regardless, I think the time has come on this terrestial globe where we no longer need to talk about the how’s and the what’s and the motivations. Blogging, twittering, facebooking, exist and the story isn’t, “Wow! They twittered a revolution!”, but that the revolution happened in the first place.
Holy disjointed post batman!
Whatevs. The point is, I am hitherto and therefore expressing my intentions of returning to a more regular state of blog. To add a little blogamucil, if you will (and you shouldn’t) to my daily routine.
But before we really get going here, I need to get some “this is my life” posts out of the way to document the major things that have happened in the past months. Don’t worry, it’s not much.
Now that you have the syllabi, I hope you have a marvelous day and thank-you for stopping by.

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