Community: Blade Running

Community: Blade Running This week on Community Britta’s carnie ex-boyfriend came to town and Annie tried to keep her from dipping back into a bad thing, Jeff felt jealous for no reason, and Pierce tried to become BFFs with Chang.

Britta’s ex Blade ended up being, well, a loser. Yet Jeff was insanely jealous of him and Britta was still totally in love with him – so much so that she had to get Annie to basically put her in rehab. Luckily, Annie had replaced Blade’s number in Britta’s phone with her own, so she was the douche Britta was dealing with. Unfortunately, Annie couldn’t comprehend the idea that the meaner “Blade” was, the more into him Britta would be. There was also some nice unspoken romantic tension between Britta and Troy, since Troy was the one who composed the nice text message that turned Britta off “Blade”.

Laybourne told Dean Pelton that he wants Troy in air conditioner repair school, so Pelton spent the night with Troy, Abed, Britta and Annie so that he could try and bond with him. It was a half-assed effort that didn’t work, but it was funny.

Jeff spent the night playing at the duck shooting booth and trying to figure out what makes Blade so irresistible. Turns out he’s brain damaged – which makes so much sense for Britta.

Pierce’s friendship with Chang was shortlived, but worth it just for the happy and sad montages. You can’t help but wonder if Pierce’s lack of good material has anything to do with Chevy Chase’s strained relationship with Dan Harmon, the crew and the rest of the cast.

Overall I thought it was a pretty great episode – I like how everyone in the cast (except maybe Pierce) has been getting moments to shine lately, and even though the Troy/Abed conflict was a bit glossed over we still have the air conditioner repair school thing lingering above them. We’re just waiting for the other shoe to drop. What’d you guys think?

Favorite quotes & moments:

  • “He’s working the BeBe gun duck shooting gallery. I guess he finally got the promotion.”
  • “I will do him like a crossword.”
  • “I need help reacting to something.”
  • “You’re the only one that really understands me.” – Jeff, to Shirley, when they go to the carnival to look at Britta’s ex-boyfriend
  • “It won’t change how mustard tastes.” – Blade, on why he doesn’t bother changing his name
  • “She was born in the 80s. She still uses her phone as a phone.” – Troy
  • Annie:”She’s whipped by an imaginary douche!”
    Pelton:”Don’t knock it til you try it.”
  • Abed’s Seinfeld bit, and Troy’s reaction. He was hanging out in the Dreamatorium and couldn’t remember where he’d imagined the door! Toaster oven!!! (It’s from his album.)

Community: Blade Running Community: Blade Running Community: Blade Running


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