Up All Night:Turn Around, Bright Eyes

You know why you never propose to someone who’s drunk? Because they’ll hijack your proposal and do it themselves! Which is exactly what Reagan did to Chris, eight years ago when he’d planned a proposal set to “Total Eclipse of the Heart” at a bar.

On last night’s episode of Up All Night both Ava and Reagan were proposed to in very different ways.

Reagan lost her engagement ring, which had been made from one of Chris’s grandmother’s earrings – Gammie, who hates Reagan and offered her $250 not to marry Chris – because she’s 1000 years old and that’s the most money she can imagine. Of course, Gammie was wearing the other earring – she was keeping it warm for Chris’s second wife.

Gammie pretended to be asleep (dead?) and Reagan tried to steal the earring, which Gammie hilariously took as a sign of Reagan’s deep love for Chris and she Reagan the earring – for a price, of course. $250.

But then we found out that Chris had the ring all along – he’d found it in the soap dish and had it set with Amy’s birthstone to surprise her. He was going to re-propose! Yippee! Of course, we all knew where it was going from there. When Chris mentioned going to the bar where he’d proposed, Reagan decided she’d re-propose. Luckily, this time Reagan realized what was going on and let Chris do his thing.

And his thing was amazing! He had all these great singers in the bar who started singing “Total Eclipse of the Heart” flash mob style! And then he chimed in with his not entirely embarrassing voice! It was super romantic.

Meanwhile, Kevin returned! He didn’t feel good about the way he left, and neither did us viewers. But Ava wasn’t so willing to take him back, so he really had to work for it. Kevin proposed, and at first Ava freaked out about being in her cozy clothes. (Never propose to a gal when she’s in her comfy clothes, guys!) So she changed, but then she realized they didn’t even have a song – so they’re waiting. It was a very sweet ending, and you had to laugh when Ava was so turned on by Kevin killing a silverfish for her.

My favorite was Chris and Reagan waking up hungover the next morning, with the engagement finger on Chris’s pinkie finger.

I think this was a great season finale for Up All Night, a show that proved to be one of my favorite new comedies last year. They’ve done a great job of keeping the episodes fresh and have turned Ava into a full, hilarious character rather than a gimmick. The chemistry between Will Arnett and Christina Applegate is now the icing on the cake. I really hope it’s back for a second season.

Favorite quotes & moments:

  • Chris: “Ugh! We were supposed to do Advil, water and a banana before bed. What did we end up doing?”
    Reagan: “Frozen pizzas, pina coladas and front porch cigarettes oh God!”
  • “He’s perfect. When you die he will be mine but don’t worry I wait six months out of respect and I’ll keep a photo of you on top of the piano.” – Ava

Up All Night:Turn Around, Bright Eyes Up All Night:Turn Around, Bright Eyes

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