Compare Where? Winners Brands

Recently have realized that TJX is putting its own product in its stores. TJX who operates as Winners, HomeSense and Marshall’s in Canada also own quite a few product labels.

Recently you may have noticed a slew of Queenwest Trading Company items, and they say “Compare At.”  Because of the name I was curious to see if it was a Toronto company but went I went digging, I found out that TJX owned it. So the question is; where can I compare?

These sheets, for example, say compare at $69, but the only place I have ever seen them is at a TJX store.


They are also using the Queenwest brand for candy, again compare where?

win1 (Custom)

City Chic is another one of their brands, and you can see the sheets are the same magical Compare At $68.

win3 (Custom)

Luxe Habitat is also theirs.

win2 (Custom)

I checked the packaging fine print, and there is not any indication that these companies are owned by TJX. This practice seems quite misleading to me. I don’t have a problem with them having house labels but why not be upfront about it? Would also love to know where to compare.

Some other brands that TJX owns that are active Marissa, Willi Wear, Marisa Christana, David Brooks, Bella Lux, Louisburg Square, First Class Fido, Well Dressed Home, Little Red Caboose, Blue Curl, Ms Marissa, Aphorism, Culinary Comforts, Piper & Posie, Pink Zebra, Well Equipped Kitchen,  and Emma’s Garden.

TJX also operates in the US as TJ Maxx and Homegoods and in Europe as TK Maxx.

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