Compass Distillers defends their Blue Gin against BC company

Shortly after being named the Best Contemporary Gin in Canada in the 2020 World Gin Awards, Compass Distillers were contacted by Victoria Distilling, a company based in British Columbia, who were attempting to trademark blue gin and were asking Compass Distillers to cease production.

Despite these facts, Victoria Distilling was asking “Given the foregoing, we kindly request that your future batches of gin do not contain the colour blue as protected by our Blue Coloured Gin trademark. ” said Peter Hunt, President & Master Distiller, Victoria Distilling.

Compass Distillers responded to Victoria Distilling to let them know that they did not invent blue gin. In addition to our own Gin Royal, Compass Distillers knows that there are other pre-existing blue gins.

We are pleased to be part of a growing craft spirits industry in Canada that provides consumers with a wide variety of unique products to choose from – including their choice of blue gins. We are especially happy to be part of Nova Scotia’s community of craft distillers, who are supportive of each other.

We are confident that Gin Royal stands apart based on taste.

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