Man loses almost $3000 to fraudulent puppy scam

On July 7, Halifax District RCMP responded to a call of fraud. The victim told police he had made arrangements to purchase a Golden Retriever from a website he found online.

The puppy was to be shipped from Thunder Bay, Ontario to Halifax by air and there were additional costs associated with that. After the seller asked for additional money for pet insurance, the victim suspected he was being defrauded and he contacted police.

The victim sent a total of $2800 to the company. 

The RCMP is continuing their investigation into this incident. Police want people to know that anyone can be a victim of a scam, and it’s important to view all purchases with a critical eye at all times.

At any time, if you feel you are the victim of a scam, or if you want more information about frauds and scams, there are resources that can help: 

You can also contact your local RCMP or police for advice if you feel you’ve been victimized. 

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