Cool facts about the Bedford Public Library

Bedford Public LibraryDid you know?

-111,578 visitors borrowed 305,279 items from the Bedford Public Library in 2007-08.

-the 5,949 square ft. library has been at its present location since 1990.

-6,590 people attended 223 programs offered at the library in 2007-08.

-16,849 patrons used Bedford Public Library’s computers and wireless Internet services in 2007-08.

-the Bedford Public Library serves 18,396 residents of HRM (2006 Census figure).

-47.41% of the population served by the Bedford Public Library have a library card.

-the Bedford Public Library is the only branch in HRM to offer special programs for teens who are learning English as new Canadians. Teens appreciate the help with their English and are very grateful for the social interaction as well. Lots of families with no previous public library experience first come to visit because their teen is enrolled in the program.

-the Bedford branch attracts lots of families, including those who enjoy youth programs for preschoolers. The Tuesday morning Baby/Toddler drop-in is always full to capacity, with 45 people attending.

-the Bedford branch attracts many older adults, including first-time library users. Along with book clubs and technology training programs, a weekly bridge program is popular and brings adults who return to use the library’s collections and other services regularly.

The Bedford Public Library is located at 15 Dartmouth Road.

For more information visit their website at:

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