People of Sudbury, would you like a chance to rub shoulders with two of the stars from the breakout, festival-darling film, THE CORRIDOR? Well, we won’t rub your shoulders –that would be really weird– but myself and Stephen Chambers will be hosting a Q&A after the film’s screening this Saturday, the 24th, 10:30pm at SilverCity Sudbury!

THE CORRIDOR fits perfectly into Cinefest Sudbury’s “Curfew Breaker” series, which highlights genre films. Aint It Cool News calls it “one of the most terrifying new films of the year”, so come on out and see the damn thing so I can stop yelling at you.

Myself and Mr. Chambers’ visit to Cinefest Sudbury isn’t the only time to see the film with members of the creative team; as I mentioned last week, Director Evan Kelly and Writer Josh MacDonald will be in attendance for Fantastic Fest in Austin, TX (Sept. 23rd & 25th). Also, Matt Amyotte, who played Bobcat in the film, will be hosting the film and answering questions October 2 at Dark Bridges in Saskatoon.

Note: The photo above is not actually from the future. It was taken in July at Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal by Isabelle Stephen.

Note 2: Myself and Stephen would like to apologize for both wearing white v-neck t-shirts at Fantasia, and we promise to collaborate on any and all future wardrobe arrangements.


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