Officer’s Connection with Community Leads to Charges in Robbery


The work by two Community Constables has resulted in two people facing charges and a third person being sought in connection with a robbery that took place yesterday afternoon in Spryfield.
At approximately 5 p.m., the Community Constables working in the Greystone area received information that a 13-year-old male had been robbed on his way home from school. The officers contacted the victim and learned that at approximately 3:45 p.m., he was confronted by a group of three boys who demanded his Ipod. The victim was knocked to the ground and assaulted and relieved of his Ipod.
As a result of the investigation, two males, aged 14 and 16, were arrested and face charges of robbery and assault causing bodily harm. They are both scheduled to appear in Halifax Youth Court today. Investigators are seeking another 14-year-old male who is expected to face the same charges and will appear in court once he is arrested. He and the other 14-year-old boy both face additional charges of breaching their conditions.
The role of the Community Constable is to work with the community to address on-going issues in their areas. The charges in this case came as a result of the relationships fostered by the officers working in that area.

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