Costco Gas, Downtown East Side Marios



Costco Gas is coming construction work has begun for a Costco Gas Bar at the Halifax store. A Dartmouth Crossing one is the plans but a year or so off. This now confirms Costco is staying where they are and not moving into the Bayers Lake expansion, but RUMOUR is that Walmart will begin building a 100-115k sq.ft SuperCEntre in the expanded area.

Cafe 98 (and sandwich bar) is opening up in the former Our Thyme Cafe on Portland St.

Bada Boom Bada Bing. East Side Marios returns to Downtown Halifax. They will be opening in the space above the Keg. 9000 sq.ft and rooftop patio.

The owner of Bogside in the Hydrostone is retiring and closing up the charming shop.

The Former Money Mart on Quinpool is being converted into a restaurant, at first, it looked like it might be a bakery, but now it seems like its a pizza place.


Trapped an escape room company from Toronto is setting up on Barrington at Morris.

The Lacewood Sobeys is now 7-11 as they begin renovations to expand the store and convert it into a Sobeys Extra.The Wine Basket has already been displaced and will close next month.
What is a Sobeys Extra? More premium items and more prepared foods essentially. Now, this makes me wonder what will happen to the soon to be empty Canadian Tire space, where Sobeys was considering building a brand new store, there is buzz that it will be a new large format Lawtons and a few more storefronts.


Noticed yesterday that they have broken ground on the new IKEA / Cabela’s site in Dartmouth Crossing, early spring has heavy equipment in there already working on dismantling that huge quarry ridge.
My completely speculative guess is opening day for IKEA will be, Wednesday, April 12, 2017. (let’s see how wrong I am)


King of Donair is having popups in Alberta this week, Friday they will be in Calgary and Saturday in Banff.




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