Costume Institute Gala 2010: A humble reply for Ally.

WHAT??? No mention of Nicole Ritchie?? Quelle Horreur! I didn’t especially love what she wore, but thought she’d at least get a mention from Ally…


So … I think Ally has had one too many boxes glasses of wine. What the eff is Malin Akerman wearing?

Source (for all photos, except where indicated).

That’s a “veil down” for me. Speaking of “veil down”, a note to celebrities wanting to get on the “celebs as heads of fashion houses” bandwagon: Think twice, lest you look like SJP forced to wear that Halston Heritage monstrosity.

But mostly, I think Ally’s bang on.

A few omissions I’d like to mention:

Mariska Hargitay: not a big-time celeb with a capital “C”, but she is gorgeous and always brings the classy to any red carpet. Her Vera Wang dress was STUNNING and so was she.

I’m in love with little Zoe Kravitz. She looked young, hip AND chic in Alexander Wang for GAP.

I have no idea who Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is, but I know that her Burberry is delicious.

Observe the plain brown leather belt. What a lovely contrast to the dress. She is lovely. And so is Rachel Weisz in Oscar de la Renta:

and Camilla Belle in Jason Wu. This is actually her “after party” look, which I love more than her actual Met dress.

One of the biggest head tilts of the night was provided by my beloved Alexa Chung in Phillip Lim:

While some elements of her outfit are totally cute (shoes! pants! – minus suspenders – OMG, is that a CAPE?? WTF?), I can’t help but be reminded of the good Colonel.


Bucket of popcorn chicken anyone?

And Anne Hathaway sort of drives me bonkers, but her Valentino dress was gorgeous. I’m surprised Ally didn’t clink her glass to all of that tulle!

SOMEBODY PLEASE tell Renee Zellweger to STOP posing like that. I don’t care how much you love your Carolina Herrera dress. Just STOP it.

She looks like a wrapped candy from a can of Quality Street chocolates (this dress in particular looks like the “toffee deluxe”). Does she not also remind you of this?


And finally, someone forgot to tell Blake Lively that even an AFTER party for something like the Met Ball would probably be pretty fancy.

Moving. The continuing saga.

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