Moving. The continuing saga.

We’re still moving.  It will never end.  Forever and ever.  Amen.

I’m sitting on the floor in the old place as I type this blog post.  We’re still waiting for our internet connection in the new place.  I have the cat litter box on one side, and my empty piano box on the other (hopefully not being used as a cat litter box).  We’ve decided to leave Cleo in the old apartment until we get the new place completely sorted.  I just come to feed her, hang out with her a bit and to check my email.  She doesn’t seem to mind.  I think she’s feral now.  There’s a wildness in her eyes that wasn’t there before.  She’s roaming around like she’s in her own private empty heaven. I hope she’s not too disappointed that she’ll have to live with people again.

Here are some photos of the move out of the old place.  Same story as the last post, i.e., more photos than words.  Here we go!

Here is the living room as it was being deconstructed.  Boxes.  Piles.  Entropy:

Chaos ensues.

Hmm… do those chairs go there?:

Are those chairs supposed to be there?

The chaos crumbles as the couches disappear:

Clearing out

Cleo playing in the new jungle gym that was once her home.  Clearly she thinks this is a much better set up:

Cleo in hiding_2

Drawers being emptied:

Clearing out more

Where’s Cleo?  Hiding in a newly discovered spot:

Cleo in hiding

Photos off the walls:

Photos off the walls

And a dirty sponge that I caught Cleo grooming the other day… maybe we should get her to the new place sooner than later.

Cleo's comfort sponge

By the way, I’m heading to Canada on Thursday.  I have a performance tonight and tomorrow night here and then I must ready myself to do battle with a volcano and striking BA staff.  Gah.  Any calls from friends with private jets are welcome.

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