Wallpaper is no friend. Merely an acquaintance.

I have nothing left.  No words.  Just the occasional grunt.  Barely enough energy to drag myself to the loo.  If chamber pots ever make a come back I’ll be one happy bunny.



It’s the worst.

I’m sitting in the old flat on the laptop (since he new place doesn’t have an internet connection yet), surrounded by empty drawers, a pile of coats, and dust bunnies who are checking out my leather jacket and have somehow gotten my name (I’m not telling them where the new apartment is).

The insanity of the move has meant that I couldn’t keep you posted as I went.  Today I will back up a little and share my recent first-time wallpapering experience with you.  There will be little text.  Mostly pictures.  You’ll be fine.

Here is the Cole & Son wallpaper that I fell in love with during my trip to London to visit Summer.  Hand-painted birch trees on soft lilac.  GOR. GEOUS:

Cole & Son Trees

But it cost 400.00 euros for the four rolls I needed for one accent wall in the new flat… *cough*

On a quick trip to my local paint and paper shop, I found this:

Found it

It’s designed by Eijffinger and called Supernova.  More info here.  Actually, if you click the link you will see that it’s called Supernova Butterfly.  I had no idea there were butterflies in the pattern until I put it on the wall.  Like a mystery jigsaw puzzle.  Good times.  I wrote a song once called Suicidal Butterfly.  I felt there was a connection.  This paper spoke to me.  It was half the price of the Cole & Son trees.  Sold.

I bought four rolls for my 5 x 2.5 m wall.  I rolled the first roll out onto the floor:

Long roll

It rolled.  Rollfully.

Here’s a detail of the paper:

Floor detail

It’s a bit hard to tell what’s going on in the print, but believe me, it’s all about butterflies going supernova.  Dude.

Here I’m making a cut with my magical scissors.  Mom, you should recognize these:

The first cut

They’re actually fabric scissors, but they’re great for other things as well.  Like wallpaper. And pizza.

Here I have prepped the wall for papering by smoothing it with sandpaper then dusting it off:

Prepare the wall

I learned all I know from YouTube.

Thankfully this paper didn’t need soaking.  All I had to do was paint the glue directly onto the wall and stick the paper on:

First panel

I love that the package made it sound so easy.  I still broke my back and lost the last shreds of sanity to which I was desperately clinging.  Ah well, you can’t take it with you.

Anyway, here is my plumber butt:

Plumber in action

You’re welcome.

Here are two panels of wallpaper ready to go on the wall:


Here they are on the wall:


Here are three panels ready to go:


Magically, four appear in this photo:


Then five:

5 in

I think this is seven:

Slow and steady

And done.  Except for trimming, which was actually the worst part:

The end

Some leftovers:

Left overs

And a sneak peek of the new! apartment! avec furniture and surprise butterfly (and caterpillar too, I think) print wallpaper. Eee!

Sneak peek


More photos will be coming over the next couple of days.  Keep an eye out.

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