Cougar Town: Baby, Baby, Baby, Oh

Ellie throwing Goldfish crackers at her baby

I can’t say enough how happy I am to have Cougar Town back in my life. It’s one of those feel-good comedies that just simply makes you laugh. Wednesday night’s episode, “Baby Games and Walks of Shame” was hilarious, so let’s get right to the five things I loved about Cougar Town this week:

  1. The seven minutes a day when Ellie is fun to be around. I love that this show has managed to write a character as insensitive yet inherently likable as Ellie. And Christa Miller plays the role so perfectly. Ellie was just hilarious this week. 
  2. Jules and Grayson taking care of Ellie’s baby. I love that the show acknowledges that we never see Ellie with her baby, and how easy it is to forget that she even has one. I thought the debate over whether it’s harder to have a kid in your twenties when you’re dumb and have an absentee husband, or in your forties when you’re tired and have a supportive husband. I don’t think there’s any real answer, but it was hilarious to watch Jules realize that having a baby isn’t as easy as she remembered. 
  3. Andy as Laurie’s wingman. I’m glad Laurie has grown up a little without changing completely. So she hates sticky floors and gross dudes now? So what, you can still pick up at coffeeshops! 
  4. When someone says “Hey Sexy” and everyone in the room responds.
  5. The way each character wakes up in the morning. It could not suit them more, from Jules’s stream of questions to Laurie throwing punches to Bobby concocting elaborate schemes in order to wake up in time to hit the golf course for free.

I loved how the episode highlighted the fact that Jules doesn’t want another kid but Grayson wants to have a baby without making it a Big Thing – yet, anyway. Jules and Grayson definitely seem like they will get married (He lives there now, right? Wait, does he?) and who knows if getting him a dog will be enough.

Here’s a list of some other lines and little moments that made the episode great:

  • Laurie referring to Andy as her dad.
  • A Gary Busey reference. How timely!
  • Jules saying “Genius here gave him [Stan] chocolate covered espresso beans,” and Grayson responding with “I thought they were raisins…I wanted him to like me.”
  • Ellie putting Telemundo on the list of Stan’s allergies.
  • “I’m eating a big bite of “I was right steak.” Mmmm…but it needs something. Maybe a nice glass of 1985 SUCK IT. smooth.” – Ellie
  • Andy: “When you’re dancing alone, I stand behind you and go ‘Damn!'”
    Laurie: “Yes, because ass worship is contagious.”




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