Cougar Town: Love is a Battlefield

Oh, Cougar Town. Once again, you’ve brought the funny – and this time with guest star Nia Vardalos! So, let’s get to the five things I loved about Cougar Town this week.

  1. You guessed it – Nia Vardalos! I loved her as Andy’s overly affectionate sister-in-law. Not only was she hilarious in her own right, but it was great to see Ellie have someone to be annoyed by other than Jellybean. The snide comments, using her friends as “stress balls” to channel her mean, it was all so funny and well done. Andy’s own discomfort made the whole thing even funnier – he liked the attention up to a certain point, but after that just felt awkward. You never felt like his relationship with Ellie was actually jeopardized. 
  2. I loved how this episode shoved Ellie and Laurie together – it’s my favorite when they interact. Jules was busy taking care of Travis and Grayson, so Ellie had to lean on Laurie for support. They had some great back and forths, which are detailed below.
  3. Andy no hablo Español! The fact that Andy’s brother refuses to speak to him in anything other than Spanish, a language he miraculously never bothered to learn (he is of Hispanic heritage and lives in Florida, you’d think he’d have picked up a little by now) was already funny. The fact that everyone else in the Cul de Sac Crew could speak a little Spanish? Even funnier. 
  4. Gramps takes Trav to a strip club. I really enjoyed Jules’s dad last time he was on the show, and his appearance in this episode was just as delightful. He and Bobby tried to perk poor Travis up with a trip to a strip club, Jules tried to perk him up by – what else? – being overbearing, but they all had to eventually face the harsh truth that you can’t help someone get over a broken heart. 
  5. Grayson rollerblading. I love how Grayson’s awful, awful rollerblading skills have become a recurring joke. I could have done without the whole Jules is an overbearing mother even to her boyfriend thing, but I did really like the little trip Grayson took with his tiny pal on a bike. And the fact that, for a moment after he crashed, Grayson thought maybe that little boy was actually him.

Favorite Lines from “Damaged By Love”:

  • Jules: “Did you just quote Pat Benetar?”Bobby: “Often do when times are tough.”
  • Laurie’s dead-on impersonation of Bobby when she’s left as his note.
  • “He’s like a newborn calf on wheels.” – Jules
  • Ellie: “Eat your chips, Jellybean.”
    Laurie: “I don’t wanna.”
    Ellie: “Play with the bag.”
  • The title card “We pretend Cougar Town is called Wine Town“.
  • “I don’t want to do anything anymore. I don’t want to eat, shower, or put on sunscreen. I mean, ultimately, I put on sunscreen. I have to. I’m a pale weirdo.” – Travis
  • Ellie: “You know if they just wanted to see some dumb, townie ho floppin’ her ta-tas all they need to do is stay here and give ten dollars to-“
    Laurie: “Yeah, yeah, yeah I know where you’re goin’ with this.”
    Ellie: “Let me finish – you.”
  • Ellie: “If I get murdered I need you to tell the police something.”
    Laurie: “Seriously, if I had a dime.”
  • “If someone was up on my man like that. I would lace up my ass kicking boots.” – Laurie




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