Cougar Town – Riding Off Into The Sunset

Cougar Town – Riding Off Into The Sunset Of course, for Cougar Town, the sunset is TBS. Like so many of my favorite comedies this season, the showrunners of Cougar Town found themselves having to create a finale that could work as both a season or series finale. And luckily, like so many of my favorite shows this season, it ended up being the former.

But “My Life/Your World” would have been a beautiful series finale, wouldn’t it?

We got wacky wine drinking antics. We got the hilarity of the whole cul-de-sac crew trying to teach Jules the meaning of Groundhog Day. We even got a development with Laurie and Travis that I think could miraculously please both those for (why?) and against (hi!) the two of them hooking up. And we got a really sweet, really romantic beach wedding.

I feel confident that Cougar Town will continue to deliver fun and funny episodes on TBS. I think this episode would have made a satisfying series finale, but that doesn’t mean I wish it was one.

With Grayson moving into Jules’ house full-time, they had to address the fact that she needs to install some boundaries with her friends, and he needs to understand that they are a package deal. And I think the show did a really good job of managing that.

And Grayson is a package deal too, which we were reminded of when Jules decided to scrap plans for what seemed like the perfect wedding (in Napa!) because Grayson’s daughter couldn’t be there.

I’ve said all along that I don’t see Travis and Laurie together, and I stand by that. He can’t date one of his mom’s best friends while continuing to refer to the other as “Mrs. Torres”. That’s creepy. But I could appreciate the idea of a heartbroken Travis having too much to drink on his 21st birthday and humiliating himself by nakedly (literally and figuratively) declaring his love for Laurie. In front of her Twitter boyfriend Wade, who took leave from the army to come visit. The small moment Laurie and Travis shared on the beach at the real wedding left the door open, I think, for that romance to still happen at some point. And that’s enough of a window for me to accept.

The wedding itself was lovely. Jules’ dad brought his trusty horse to keep him from crying as he officiated. Everyone posed as regular beach-goers, and then took the ceremony on the move when cops showed up to break up the illegal wedding. And then Jules and Grayson escaped on horseback once they’d said “I do”. It was all perfect.

I only have one small gripe with the episode. Ellie flirting aggressively with David Arquette (who guest starred as a hotel manager) was too much for me. I’ve always loved her and Andy’s relationship because it’s funny and, yeah, Ellie can be mean, but we’re never supposed to doubt that they love each other. Andy actually taking a sexy photo of Ellie for her to send to another man, I just couldn’t buy it. (Although it was funny when he asked her to CC him on it.)

What did you guys think of the season finale? Happy?

Other favorites:

  • Penny Caaaaaaan! I liked that little storyline.
  • “Dogs bark. Fish swim. I bitch grin.” Bumper stickers, T-shirts, mugs. NOW.
  • Slim chance vs. Fat chance. Another “change approved!” that I’m OK with.
  • Grayson: “There is no such thing as a happy stroke.”
    Jules: “Then what did Kirk Douglas have?”
    Grayson: “A stroke.”
  • Christa Miller, who plays Ellie and is married to showrunner Bill Lawrence, is also music supervisor and thus responsible for that great closing song. Can they adopt me???

Cougar Town – Riding Off Into The Sunset Cougar Town – Riding Off Into The Sunset Cougar Town – Riding Off Into The Sunset


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Welcome To The Music!!

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