Cougar Town: Tough Love

Is it just me, or was last night’s episode of Cougar Town just only so-so? Maybe it is just me. I’ve never been the biggest Travis fan, and I openly hated Kristen, so maybe it’s because the whole Travis is heartbroken storyline leaves me a little cold. Maybe there wasn’t enough wine involved. Maybe it’s because I didn’t find Lou Diamond Phillips that funny. Anyway, it’s not that the episode was bad, it just wasn’t one of my favorites.

I can still find five things to love about it, though, so here are the weekly five things I loved about Cougar Town.

  1. Grayson. I thought Grayson was the best part of this episode for a couple reasons. First, his impression of Travis. That was brilliant, even though it did get really creepy and weird when he then kissed Jules. Second of all, I love when Grayson and Ellie interact, and adding Tom into the mix made it even more fun. The Chalk Children of the Corn storyline was my favorite from the episode. 
  2. Tough love. Even though I’m not a huge Travis fan, I do occasionally enjoy the relationship between him and Jules. When she finally put her foot down and gave him some tough love about dropping out of college, I was happy. She had a right to be disappointed and angry, but the whole thing went down in a way that was still comedic. 
  3. The fact that Travis one-night-standed Jules was also pretty funny. They were supposed to do brunch!
  4. While I didn’t love the Lou Diamond Phillips/Penny Can development, I am interested to find out what Bobby and Laurie will do with the money. 
  5. Jules saying that after her and Bobby’s divorce “It took me a year to bounce back” as Bobby simultaneously says “Worst weekend of my life”. Oh, those two.

What did you think of the episode? Are you excited for next week’s double-episode Hawaii bonanza?




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