Could Casino Gaming Help to Boost Nova Scotia’s Tourism?

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With its historic hilltop fort and a host of other impressive attractions, it is fair to say that Halifax and the surrounding region of Nova Scotia have always been equally popular with domestic tourists and those who have travelled from all across the globe.

At the end of November, new research highlighted that the amount of tourists to the region has increased and reached the number of people who are looking for the best online casinos reviews. Despite this growth, there are still some tips that are worth working on in order to drive these figures even higher.

An emerging destination

Tourism Nova Scotia’s latest data has revealed that the region as a whole welcomed more 1,247,200 overnight visitors between June and September this year, which marked an increase of 262,600 when compared to the summer of 2013 – before plans were put in place to actively expand tourism in the area.

There was also further good news in the sense that an influential group of bloggers said the region was one of the top 30 emerging destinations in the world for 2020 and number one specifically in the US and Canada. In addition, the Conde Nast Traveller and Travel + Leisure magazines both named Cape Breton Island as a top island destination.

However, while such developments are undoubtedly positive, it was also noted that the visitor figures were in fact five per cent lower than 2018. Such findings beg one question – what could be done to prevent further declines next year?

Casino credentials

Making the most of the region’s burgeoning reputation with leading brands in the travel world may be vital, while another approach could be to make more of what it offers in terms of casino gaming.

After all, casino games of all kinds have enjoyed a renaissance in recent times thanks to the growth and popularity of online platforms, with many websites now competing against each other to secure new members with a range of experiences and offers. This is exemplified in the Casumo Canada reviews, which feature details on the welcome bonuses that the site is offering in order to entice people to play.

Leading data intelligence organization Statista estimates that the global online gambling market will be worth more than $94 billion by 2024 and its rise may have a knock-on effect for land-based casinos including Halifax’s Casino Nova Scotia, with more people potentially being keen to experience offline gameplay too. As such, could there be benefits to doing more to promote the location and everything it offers? As well as offering gaming it also features live performances, with upcoming shows including Theory of a Deadman and America’s Got Talent finalists The Clairvoyants.

Fresh thinking required?

The recent tourism figures related to Halifax and Nova Scotia show the region is doing well, but also hint that the area may need to come up with fresh thinking to keep such statistics moving in the right direction.

With casino gaming thriving both online and offline at the moment, there could certainly be an argument that the time may be right to make more of what the region has to offer in that regard.

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