CPA High School principal and wife to provide help in Haiti

The island of La Gonave has been flooded with the wounded from Port-au-Prince.

Students at Charles P. Allen High School have raised $11,000.00 during the past two years to build a school in the remote mountain community of Terre Sel on the island of La Gonave, Haiti.

The island of La Gonave is just a short distance from Port-au-Prince and now many people are fleeing the devastation of the earthquake to receive medical care at this little hospital.

The school now sees a possibility to expand its efforts to support the medical interventions needed there.

Valerie Lewis, a family physician, and Jeff Lewis, principal at CP Allen High School, came to know the people of this island while they worked at the hospital for three years from 1988–1991–she a physician and he a teacher and administrator for the hospital.

At that time, Haiti was a difficult place to provide medical care due to geography and limited human and material resources.

Today, the situation is beyond desperate.

The hospital has been flooded with wounded from Port-au-Prince and is in need of any help that can be sent their way.

Through their contacts at the hospital, Valerie is helping to organize a shipment of medical supplies with a commercial container to be shipped as soon as possible.

This container will accompany a team of medical professionals in the next week or two. They will be flying out on a military transport flight in the near future.

If you are in a position to donate any of the medical supplies listed below in any amount, you can drop them at any of the two locations listed below.

If you want to make a financial donation to assist with costs they can provide a tax-deductible receipt for donations over $100.00 through the Halifax Regional School Board.

Geriatrics in Motion clinic, Drummond Hall
65 Prestwick Close, Suite 100,
Halifax (Clayton Park)
c/o Valerie Lewis
or call Valerie at 429-2722.

or at

Charles P. Allen High School
670 Rocky Lake Dr.,

Or email Jeff at or call at 832-8964, EXT. 7.

-Antibiotics p.o. (tons of keflex, dicloxacillin, some bactrim, cipro, doxycycline)
-Antibiotics i.v. (ampiciliin, Rocephin)
-Suture kits
-Needles and syringes
-IV’s and tubing
-Lactated Ringer’s and normal saline
-Bandages and gauze
-Casting/splinting material, more bandages to hold it on
-Pain medication for adults and children
-Gloves–sterile and non
-Hydrogen peroxide
-Whatever else you can get for cleansing wounds

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