“Save Grade 2″ important initiative for schools in NS

On January 21, an initiative will start called Save Grade 2.

This initiative, through our membership in Nova Scotia School Boards Association (NSSBA) will promote the idea to the NDP government and other officials that we need to have a minimum increase of 3.6% to our funding to keep services status quo (not including unfulfilled salary).

The website is www.savegrade2.com.

Find out more about how you and your school community can help to keep funding levels where they are so we do not lose valuable services.

Join the facebook group, email or call your provincial politician, attend the Finance Minister’s consultation meetings and promote it to your school community.

More details and actions will be posted through HRSB representative David Finlayson’s site at www.davidfinlayson.ca.

Save Grade 2 states that “the financial outlook for the public education system in Nova Scotia is grim, with deep cuts being projected for this coming year. We recognize the difficult financial situation facing all government programs.

Our intention in developing the Save Grade 2 movement is to show that the P-12 education system matters to Nova Scotians. Respectfully, the Education Partners are seeking to engage in a dialogue with government and families about solutions to the difficult challenge ahead.”

Save Grade 2 also states that “no increased funding in our province’s education system will result in cuts that will seriously impact the quality of education for Nova Scotia’s 130,000 students.

These cuts could include: 800 fewer teachers, larger class sizes, combined classes, fewer teacher supplies (i.e. textbooks), school closures, cuts to programs including music, physical education, the International Baccalaureate, French Immersion, special education and alternate programs for students at-risk, as well as modified busing that could lead to 1.5 hour bus rides for children.”

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