Cranky Pants

After a brilliant morning I have turned into a total nasty, whiny girl.   Not sure why, I feel achy but laying down isn’t comfortable.  I want to sleep by my brain is going a mile a minute. Weird.  Perhaps a cold is lurking.

As usual, our group met up at Point Pleasant Park this morning. The weather was absolutely fantastic here in Halifax – sunny and 18°C!  Made for a really enjoyable run.  Mel and I changed up our route quite a bit, taking it downtown and straight up to the top of Citadel HillWhat a view! We looped down around the universities and back into the park.

The Summer running gear is back in rotation!

Met up the girlies at Starbucks later on – ended up turning into a FOUR hour gab session!  Bring on the caffeine!  I ♥ my gals.   Lately it seems I’m always coming from a run and looking skanked out when we meet-up, excuse the frizzy ‘do.

Tash, Ang, Me & Jaime.

Katie, a newbie Healthy Living Blogger from the area also joined us.  If you haven’t been to her blog yet, go and show her some love!

Treated myself to a Venti Iced Americano w/ a shot of vanilla and splash of blend cream. Hit.The.Spot.

The five of us sat around talking, taking pictures and what else….checking our phones. Haha! Crackberries indeed.  Tash has a nice pretty Bold that I’m a bit jealous of. 😉

Cross border goodies were delivered.  The oh-so delicious Chocolate Peanut Butter Girl Scout cookies were broken into! And, of course we can’t go a visit with the traditional Tash + Baby shot. 😉

IMG_2667  IMG_2669

Our beautiful Mommy to-be.  Ang, I can’t believe how much you’ve changed since  we last got together. So adorable!

I got some advice from everyone about traveling in the States.  Hubby and I have been throwing around the idea of going to Old Orchard Beach in September.  Actually, we’ve gone as far as booking time off and buying some US cash. More on this later when we’ve firmed up the plans though.

Thanks for a great time girls!! It was really great to see everyone.   I can’t wait until May when the rest of you are here too. Jen & Cat, hope the birthday celebrations out West are going well and you’re having an amazing time!


That’s all I’ve got for ya now.  Hubby is off to get some take out for Supper;  I was in the mood for grease.  I predict the evening will be spent on the couch catching up on tv shows and maybe renting a movie.   Hope you’re all having a fab weekend!

PS.  I announced the Tropicana voucher winners this morning, check it out to see if you’ve won!


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