Creperie Mobile

Last Saturday morning after Friday night’s revelry, I was feeling a bit…shall we say, under the weather. I was feeling the need for a little bit of grease in my system when my friend called to see if I wanted to go to the Farmer’s Market. As this is my general Saturday morning routine, I found it hard to say no, so I dragged myself out of my apartment, into the sunshine and trotted down to the Hollis Street entrance.

My friend having just moved from Newfoundland, this was her first market experience, and I’d be dammed if my hangover was going to lessen the adventure for her. As I said though, I needed grease, not healthy fruit and veg, or an amazing baked good- nope, I was going for sustenance of the unhealthy kind. But where do you find something of that nature at the market where freshness abounds and artery clogging, deep fried is nowhere to be seen? You don’t!

After I had dragged my awed friend through the maze of food, jewelry, clothing and crafts, she mentioned that “I hear you can get really good crepes here.” Ding, ding, ding- sold! As I said, the breakfast that I had in mind was impossible to find at the market- so I set my sights on an even better option; a crepe from the Creperie Mobile!

This was just what the doctor ordered. I decided on a Ham and Cheese Buckwheat crepe, with a touch of mango chutney. The warm savory crepe encompassing the salty ham and melted cheese did the trick to turn me right side up. I wasn’t at all in the mood to deal with a knife and fork scenario, so I rolled my crepe up burrito-style and attacked. That poor crepe didn’t stand a chance!

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