Letter Revival

Hello everyone!
I had a fun idea today and am putting it into effect tonight:)
I did a post a while ago about letter writing and how it is fading away, a lost art form.
Well……….. I decided to host a small letter revival festival!
For all of you who wrote to me lamenting the loss of lovely chatty letters full of news, and info, and stories and recipes etc……..
I am collecting names of people who would like to send out a letter and receive one. You can pop over Artful Penpals to find out how to register. I will match you with a partner based on your common interests ( as much as I can) and you will then each send a letter to each other. Be as creative as you want. It is just a one time thing for now.

Send the kind of letter you would love to receive:)

Giveaway winners – 22 of you!

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