Cuban Art

Lazaro Herrera Ramirez “Tuty”
“Tin Tiene, Tin Vale”
39 x 31 Oil on Canvas

Take a closer look at that painting. Isn’t it amazing! Cuban Art in an unlikely place. One Stop Wood Shop at Bishop’s Landing on the Halifax Waterfront. Actually the gallery portion is called Coal Wynd Gallery. Artwork is interspered among Jason Cullen, the proprietor’s beautiful wood creations. I popped the shop last week looking for a Secret Santa gift and was delighted and intrigued to discover the art here.

Some works by Gonzalo Gonzalez on the walls.
Jason Cullen, has teamed up with Andrew Porter to present “The Cuban Collection,” featuring work by some of the most prominent artists working in Cuba today. Not often we get to see these.

This is by Alexis Leyva M. “Kcho. It is the artist’s wedding invitation, signed by Fidel Castro in 2002 with a small self portrait drawn by the Cuban leader in the top right corner.

I found the art so very different and interesting.

This is a shared collection, some of these works will be shown at various galleries in the Cayman Islands over the upcoming months. Be sure to view these works here in Halifax before they are shipped out!
Lazaro Herrera Ramirez “Tuty” “Don’t swim against the current”
23 x 33Oil on Canvas 2009/10
Here are Andrew Porter and Jason Cullen smiling for the crazy lady with the camera!

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