Cupboard Cleanse

Cupboard Cleanse When wanting to start a healthier lifestyle it is so important to cleanse yourself of some of those bad habits, right?

Since I am now working from home, well job hunting from home, I have easy access to my kitchen, and all my favorite tastes and bites where just a few steps away for my taking. I have to admit something I am a snacker,and emotional eater. I love food.  I eat when I am bored, happy, sad, anxious, to celebrate, you name it and it is a reason for a snack, or a special meal.

I realized this week that having all that junk in the house was not helping me get healthier. It was a distraction and temptation. I had to do something about it. I had to do a cupboard cleanse. I had to purge my house of the junk. Can you believe when doing so there were 8 bags of cookies alone, all unopened, thankfully. Those made a nice donation to the local foodbank. I also got rid of many highly processed goodies that I kept in my cupboards. I now feel my cupboards are alot healthier. Have you ever done a cupboard cleanse? Simply I feel better having all that junk out of the house. Now when I want a snack I still go to the kitchen but now there is some hummus and veggies waiting, or a clementine. It is all about making simple little changes on this quest for a healthier me. I am glad I did this cleanse this week and the walk to the foodbank to donate the junk was good as well. Are you working on your health this year? If so leave me a comment and let me know so we can encourage each other.

*This year I am working with the team at Enthrive to get healthier, and love that I get to work with a registered dietitain to help rethink my journey with food. These are not sponsored posts but I am getting the services of a dietitian at a great price point.




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