Currently Coveting: Key Jewelry

L-A: So, ever since I first saw the glossy ad for these babies, I have been coveting them:


The Tiffany’s keys. So pretty. I’m a bit delighted/dismayed to see it appear in Gossip Girl:


Delighted because I am in love with those necklaces. Dismayed because it means by the time I get my hands on one, everyone and their dog will be wearing keys as jewelry.  They’re not that prohibitively expensive. They start at $175 for a simple silver key and then go all the way up to “If you have to ask,  you can’t afford it”.  Marc Jacobs has also done a key necklace, but I’m not planning a trip to LA anytime soon and I’m not about to stress out on ebay for it (seriously. ebay bidding gives me ulcers):


I figured that these necklaces would start some kind trend on etsy, but I’ve actually had a hard time finding key necklaces on there that I really love. Come on, etsy jewellers! Polish me up a skeleton key!  In the meantime, there were some etsy finds worth sharing. Most were a bit too much – like, just because you can add feathers and beads and shit to your necklace, doesn’t mean you should. I’m not going to show you the ones I hated because I don’t want to snark on Etsy folk. They aren’t big time designers, most are just people making stuff out of their living rooms. Michael Kors will never know if I say I hate what he does, so it feels less mean. Moving on. The keys!


Really teeny key from CosmicFirefly. A bit too small for me, but it is under $10.


A little bit closer to the Tiffany style and the person selling is going for that. Kudos to them for jumping on that bandwagon. I would be if I made jewelry and sold it on etsy. (p.s. This seller is Canadian).


And another.

You get the point. Key necklaces on etsy. Not too difficult to find and cheaper than Tiffany’s.  But I will continue to covet the pretties from Tiffany’s. Partly for the box it comes in. Seriously kids. My parents gave me a Tiffany bean bracelet last Christmas and I’m pretty sure I swooned when I saw that box (swooned even more when I saw the bracelet. It’s très adorable. My parents are the bestest).


The second one is actually the box for the Tiffany bean necklace that a group of friends gave to J.Lau for her 30th. I didn’t stop to try to take a picture of my own box. There is photographic evidence, but it is all highly unflattering Christmas morning shots. ugh.

I didn’t even know what was in it. They could have just bought be a silver telephone dialer and I would have been just as excited.

Silver telephone dialer, you ask? Surely you know the scene from Breakfast at Tiffany’s:

Sadly, I could not find that scene anywhere on youtube that was a) in English; and b) not set to bad pop music (I do not have Ally’s mad YouTube skills). Ah well, I’m sure you’ve all seen the movie at least ten times so you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, I’m adding it to your required summer viewing list. (Along with seasons one and two of Gossip Girl. You’ve got fourteen days to catch up).

AllyG: I interrupt this coherant post to bring you the official Barbie video. I teased you on Friday, and I feel dirty for doing that. All weekend I have been feeling miserable about this. Actually, all weekend I have been crying because my hips feel like a 90 year olds, but I digress. Here, my sexy friends, is the video/dance we have all been waiting for. You know the moves, now you can groove along.

I could try to comment on the above video, but I think it would be better for me to link you to the snarkiest dude alive. Ladies and Gents: Michael K at…

“and when did Ken become Samantha Ronson?” Loves it.

Now, back to the topic at hand: Key Jewellery. I also adore. Does anyone else wonder how   L-A gets all this GG insider dish? It’s nutso! She knows what Blair is going to be wearing BEFORE BLAIR EVEN PUTS IT ON. My guess is that L-A is sleeping with Chuck Bass. You heard it here first. Can we talk about something else GG related? I think L-A has the key jewellery covered, so I need to move on to something I’m head tilting over

*note: “head tilting” is what it sounds like. I am literally tilting my head while regarding a photo to see if it looks any better at a different angle.


So, we all know (or we should if we have been STUDYING OVER THE SUMMER) that Hilary Duff will be joining the cast of Gossip Girl. tells me that, “Duff will play Olivia Burke, a famous film star in search of the normal college experience. Her school of choice will be New York University, where Blair (Leighton Meester), Dan (Penn Badgley) and Vanessa (Jessica Szohr) were also accepted.” The Duffster will be rooming with V. DRAAAAAAMA!

Anyway. Is anyone else sort of over the Herve Leger bandage dress? I’m not loving it on the Hils. Hils has a great bod, and she should flaunt it, but I feel as though the bandage dress isn’t doing her any favours (sort of like when Nicole Richie was hanging out with Paris Hilton…did Nicky no favours. None. Paris Hilton is to Nicole Richie what the bandage dress is to Hilary Duff). It just makes her look…squatter. Also not loving the shade.

We had a similar conversation awhile back regarding Serena wearing the Herve Leger dress. We did talk about this, right? I’m not going  crazy?


Too tight, non? I think this dress is meant for people like Bar Refaeli (who is no longer dating Leo!)


Meaning only 0.0025 per cent of the population should attempt squeezing into this.

I wonder if the stylist on the GG set has it out for Hilary, cause I ain’t loving this number either.

Hilary Duff

Like…horrible. Right? It’s not even eighties…it’s almost bad nineties. Not loving it, and I love sequins. I would wear sequin pajamas if I could. I think it’s the combo of the strapless with the mini. Again, it makes her look “squatter” than I think she really is. I adore Hils in outfits like below:


See? This is Hilary at the CFDA Awards in 2008. She gets to keep the sequins, but we needed to add the straps and bring the dress down a tad below the knee. Result? Much longer and leaner! Michael Kors needs to be her new BFF.

I think my job here is done. I’m needed upstairs to finish off a McCain’s Deep and Delicious.

Ally xoxo

L-A: This is one of those days when I start the post, but leave my bit half finished while Ally adds hers. Then I read what she has to say and am compelled to say one or two more things. For starters, if I am ever sleeping with Chuck Bass, y’all be the first to know (Call me Ed Westwick. I love you). Secondly, some of my Gossip Girl tips have come from the twitter of You Know You Love Fashion, which is a GG fashion blog that will be launching along with season 3 on September 14. I’m all over this because I get to be one of the writers. So the source that led me to Blair and Tiffany’s is the same source that led me to this gem of a Serena outfit:


I think Ally just choked on her cake. I don’t know what’s happening there, but the outfit has (high-priced) hooker with a heart of gold written all over it.

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