Dear Santa: I can has Barbie?

L-A: It’s been a long time since I asked Santa for a Barbie, but I’m starting to think about adding one to my list this year. Why? Because the hott new couture collab isn’t with Target – it’s with Barbie.  I know, I was sort of harsh on Town Shoes for their Barbie collection in the past. And in my pre-blogging days, I had zero time for the MAC Barbie collection (it seemed too gimmicky, the models meant to look like Barbies creeped me out and it involved a shade of pink I bought in grade seven when I didn’t know any better). But part of me still wants to write a letter to Santa and ask if he might bring me a Louboutin Barbie:


This Cat Burglar Barbie is clearly for the collector, because if you’ve ever owned one of these dolls, you’ll know that cat suit would be an effing bitch to get on and off (my Barbies rarely wore pants because they were so frigging hard to get on). You could never change her outfit without scissors. Dresses would have to go on over her catsuit.  But whatevs, this $150 doll isn’t for little girls.  She isn’t for me either – the darn thing is sold out (maybe Santa already knew I’d want one) on net-a-porter. Two things that stand out about this Barbie: she isn’t blonde and she has better shoes than me.

Eat your heart out Peaches n’ Cream Barbie, this one might win the best shoe award.

Actually, the couture Barbie I think I’d like even more is the Comme des Garçons Barbie:


That bitch will set you back $350 – if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one (she’s already sold out in Japan…of course she’s sold out in Japan).  But I like that she has the vintage Barbie look and I love the insane/awesome Jingle Flowers print on her dress. (ummm…I totally want a Jingle Flowers t-shirt or snow globe. You’re keeping track, right Santa?).

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