Decadent bites at Doraku

Last Friday night, a friend of mine and I made plans to meet at Doraku on Dresden row for a feed of sushi. Now, I’ve tried a couple of sushi spots in the city, but I was happy to discover that none could compare to Doraku’s fresh fare. I love sushi any time of day, but it’s always my go-to food when I’m going out to eat late-night. I guess it’s because I know that there’s nothing but goodness going into my body that I’ll eat until the platter is clean. Or in this case, until I out-eat my date!

We ordered a bunch of stuff. He had the Chicken Udon soup and cleared the bowl, and we shared an order of edamame and various rolls.

Although I was more than satisfied with my choices, I went a little on the safe side, and ordered rolls that I recognized. Had the item’s ingredients been listed on the menu, I might have been a little more adventurous. However, we ordered some staples; Shrimp Tempura rolls, Spicy Tuna rolls with a delicious drizzle of spicy mayo, Alaskan roll with super-fresh, meaty salmon and the Philadelphia roll with smoked salmon, cream cheese and cucumber. The Philadelphia rolls were a nice addition to my sushi repertoire- I’ll order these puppies in the future for sure!

You can’t really mess up edamame, and so these were great as well, little salty bites of goodness that went nicely with our cold pints of Sapporo. a Japanese Beer.

I’m so happy to have strayed from my usual sushi spot, which, I have to admit that I frequent mostly because of it’s proximity to my apt However, after having sushi as good as this stuff, it’s as though my taste buds came alive again, tasting the sweet fish, the vibrant sauces and fresh vegetables for the first time. If your usual sushi place is getting a bit dull, I’d suggest heading to Doraku to give your mouth a little wake-up call!

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