Distracted driving: one second is too long

When it comes to driving, even a one-second peek at your phone is long enough to cause a serious or fatal collision.

Distracted driving is a major threat because it takes attention off the road and causes motorists to lose track of what’s happening around them. You can never predict when an unexpected issue will come up, so it’s important to stay focussed at all times.

“What may seem like an insignificant act of looking at your phone could mean the difference between safely avoiding an oncoming car and getting in a head-on collision,” says Cst. Chad Morrison of Nova Scotia RCMP. “Choosing to drive distracted is like rolling the dice and leaving everyone’s safety up to chance.”

In 2017, Nova Scotia RCMP charged 1,786 people for using a cellphone while driving. In an effort to protect roadways, police will continue to ticket distracted drivers with a fine of $237.50 for a first offence.

RCMP members have seen it all when it comes to distracted driving. They’ve seen people with a phone in one hand and a cigarette in the other, trying to steer with their elbows, but they’ve also seen countless drivers subtly looking down at their cellphones. No matter how discreet you are, distracted driving is still dangerous and detectable by police.

The RCMP gets creative to target distracted drivers. Police use tactics like riding in pick-up trucks and working with spotters on motorcycles, so there is no knowing when a member will catch you in the act.

Please don’t risk your safety and the safety of those around you. Distracted driving for any amount of time, even for just one second, is too long.


Source: Media Release

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