DIY christmas decoration

Ok…well it’s not quite December, so I’m breaking my own “don’t think about Christmas until December 1st” rule.
I tried an easy, low cost decoration idea yesterday. I saw it in the latest Style at Home magazine ( first. Then, I saw it again after that. Then, it seemed that everywhere I look, I see these adorable little trees everywhere!

Here’s the project description how to:
  • Gather a selection of patterned wallpapers in similar tones.
  • Draw a circle in pencil on the back of a piece of wallpaper (the size of the circle will determine how tall the cone will be) and cut it out using scissors.
  • Mark the mid-point and cut a seam to the mark.
  • Bring the two edges of the seam together and continue to roll the paper to create a cone shape.
  • Secure the outside edge to the cone with double-sided tape.
  • Repeat with remaining papers.
  • I didn’t have wallpaper samples, so I picked up a few individual pieces of paper from the scrapbook section at Michaels ( Be sure not to buy anything too thick, as it is difficult to roll without tearing.

  • I used different sized pot lids and bowls to trace the circles on the back of my papers.

  • I didn’t have any double-sided tape on hand…the glue stick works just fine!

The end result is a fun, low cost and easy DIY holiday decoration.
Cone-shaped trees of various heights can be highly impactful when displayed en masse. Imagine them as a centre peice for a table setting, placed on a shelf, or on a side table or coffee table. Anywhere that you have a bit of space to display them in bunches!

Here are just a few of the ones I didI choose some bright colors that fit with my decor, and some in the more traditional red and green but with patterns, textures and sparkles (of course!).

I rolled some of them the opposite way and you can see the layers, but I liked the effect, so I left some that way.
Can’t wait to put them out with my other decorations (but I will because after all, it’s NOT Christmas yet!!).

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