Diy Copper Clothing Rack

Picture I’ve taken my new found love of copper and introduced it into yet another of the rooms in our flat. I posted a photo of it on Instagram and it seemed to go over very well-so here’s the simple and cheap DIY tutorial! Keep in mind, it looks stunning (especially when the light gleams off of the copper!), but depending on the hooks you use to suspend it to the ceiling- it may only be able to hold the weight of a few clothing items! WHAT YOU’LL NEED: – 4 ft piece of copper pipe (you can find this in the plumbing aisle of any hardware store)
– approx. 14 feet of parachute cord (you can pick this up at your local craft store)
– 2 ceiling hooks  Picture Picture INSTRUCTIONS: STEP 1: Install the two ceiling hooks in your ceiling 4 feet apart from one another. Depending on the anchor hooks you purchased, you may need a drill to install. Step 2: Tie the two ends of your 14 feet of parachute cord together (make sure you triple knot it tightly for security. Step 3: Next, feed one end into the copper pipe through to the other end. I arranged my string so that the knot is located within the pipe so you get two clean loops on the end. Now, hang each end onto the ceiling hooks, place your items on hooks, hang and admire! See, I told you this was an easy one! Picture Picture Picture Picture

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