do you patio?

Oh, yeeeah…it’s that time of year!

The time of year, when we all flock outside when there is a sunny day. Time when our eyes can barely adjust to the brightness, but it feels so good to squint. Time where we actually start to remember what it feels like to be in flipflops. Time to think about enjoying a bbq and perhaps a favorite drink or two while relaxing in our outdoor space.

Time to clean off your deck or patio to get rid of winter’s remains. Time to pull out all your hastily-stored patio furniture. And time to…uh-oh…time to realize that things are looking a bit boring, plain and tired…?

Not to worry! This is the very best time of year to do something about it! As with all the new and wonderful outdoor furniture (see last year’s blog), there are new and wonderful outdoor accessories to give your space an instant boost.

Check out beautiful cushions and throw pillows made from weather-proof fabrics, a huge selection of acetate pitchers, glasses, plates, bowls and serving trays. Some of these are so lovely, you may consider picking up a few to use inside all year round! Try a fun and colorful vinyl tablecloth to spruce up your table.

And don’t forget some solar lights or lanterns to add ambience to your outdoor evening adventures. Add some life with a few strategically placed plants in chic new planters. A little something unexpected adds a nice touch of whimsy too (although I was kidding about the garden gnome…they are creepy). You may also want to think about grabbing a propane heater to extend your patio time this season…all last year models are on sale now!

The best part is that none of this will cost you very much. All of the beauties pictured here are available at either Canadian Tire or Tag.

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