One Step Forward & Two Steps Back

Morning Bloggies, long time no chat.  This past week has been one of pure stress, pressure, anxiety and depression.  Life has been so crazy and I had been trying to take it easy for the rest of the week but all the stress ended up getting to me and I had a huge melt down with my Mom last night.  The good thing is that as soon as it happened I felt 10000000000 times better.  Such a relief to talk about everything and get my head back on straight.

Among the things that I’ve been stressed about were:

Running – it become a chore and there was nothing fun about it anymore.  I haven’t even bothered to train these last 2 weeks because I just wasn’t into it.  I made a commitment to do the Half and there’s a lot of pressure that comes with that.  I felt like I needed to be running all the time and there was no room for the gym or any other physical activity that I enjoyed.  There is only 4 weeks til the Bluenose so I’m going to see how it goes.  I’ll give it a week before the event and then decide if I want to drop to the 10k.  Sounds reasonable, no?

My Weight -  I gave in and bought new pants.  I was wearing a 14, these are 16s.  It is disappointing.  I’m trying to look at this as a temporary because in my heart I know that I need to get back on track with my health. I haven’t been giving it my all because of all the other stuff that I’ve got going on.  Losing weight is a huge effort, it requires planning and a lot of dedication. 

The gist of it is, is that I won’t be making any more plans, commitments (other than the Relay) until I’m firmly back and focused on where I want to be with my weight loss. 

Another thing that’s been quite apparent is that I’ve missed spending time with my hubby.  Friday night we met up for dinner before going shopping.   It was nice to make time to sit down and enjoy a meal together.  We rarely plan dates anymore and this was really enjoyable.  Yesterday morning I wanted to continue the QT so we took our time, had some breakkie and then headed into the city.  We parked in Dartmouth, hopped the ferry, strolled along the waterfront and made our way to the farmers market.  It was pretty busy but we had a good time enjoying the atmosphere.  After that ,we walked around some more and ended up at the Just Us Cafe on Barrington.  We had a great discussion on some of the maps/art on the walls.  May sound simple but we rarely take time to “smell the roses” if you will.  Back in Dartmouth, we browsed the book sale at the library and then I spent some time curled up in sunny spot with a book.  We also attempted to go to the movies but the times just didn’t work out.  

It really does feel like I’ve taken a few steps back but obviously it’s required and will be beneficial in the long run.

It was nice to have a little break from blogging too but I’ve missed it and got lots to talk about this week! :) 

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