Dog Days of Summer



With the dog days of summer upon us, police remind citizens not to
leave their pets unattended in parked cars.
At 2:52 p.m. this afternoon, officers responded to a call for service
where concerned citizens reported that a dog was left unattended in a
parked car in the 0-100 block of MicMac Boulevard in Dartmouth. Upon
arrival, officers determined that the animal appeared to be in distress
and they removed the dog from the car. The dog has been moved to the
shade and provided some water and its condition has improved. At this
time, officers have not been able to locate the owner and Animal
Services has been requested to attend the scene.
This serves as a reminder for all pet owners about the dangers of
leaving animals in parked cars in the summer. On a hot day, even with
the windows open, a parked vehicle quickly becomes like a furnace and
presents potentially fatal conditions for pets left inside.

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