Domaine de Grand Pre

Domaine de Grand Pre was our last (but not least) winery stop of the day- we actually finished at Tempest Restaurant in Wolfville, but more on that later.

When we arrived at Grand Pre, Owner Hans Peter Stutz and his daughter, Cacilia StutzSpirig welcomed us with ice…a curling ice, that is. Last wknd, Grand Pre hosted their first Paint Can Curling Tournament! Now, I’ve watched curling before, and to be honest, I thought it was pretty boring. But THIS, was fun! Paint cans filled with sand served as the stones, and Grand Pre had created an ice surface for the event- complete with the winery’s logo- a sponsor’s dream!

Once we had our fill of the outdoor activity, we got down to my sport of choice- drinking. Well, I guess tasting i the proper name for it, but as Gran Pre was our last stop, and the most familiar winery of the trip, I took off my student cap, and put on my oenophile one. I’ve visited Grand Pre several times in the past, and tend to lean toward their offerings on Nova Scotian wine lists. This is predominantly because I know that I’ll never be disappointed However, I’ happy to say on this visit, that I was surprised once again, and discovered some ‘new-to-me’ wines that I’ll happy order again!
Cacilia Stutz-Spirig pours us up a wine and cheese tasting

On this particular occasion, Grand Pre held a wine and cheese tasting in conjunction with the Icewine festival. For $15 pp, guests were treated to a wine and cheese pairing. The winemaker’s pairing notes are below:

1st Pairing:
Vitner’s Reserve L’Acadie ~ Dry, full-bodied wine with a crisp acidity, displays aromas of fresh peaches and rich tropical fruit

Muscat Icewine
~ This wine is layers with fruit and floral notes with a rich, aromatic nose

~ A sheep’s milk cheese made in Spain. The flavour is very distinctive,
slightly salty, but not too strong. It is creamy with a slight piquancy and leaves the characteristic aftertaste of sheep’s milk.

2nd Pairing:

Pete Luckett’s Millot
~ Medium bodied red wine with earthy chocolate and dark stone fruit aromas.

Vidal Icewine
~ This icewine displays notes of apricot, lemon and blood orange. It is balanced with crisp acidity and a long, lingering, sweet finish.

~ A French cheese made from cow’s milk. It’s taste is complex, nutty and
caramelized with a lingering, but not sharp flavour.

3rd Pairing:

~ Rich, dense and deeply pigmented, this wine offers inviting herbaceous aromas of caraway and black pepper, a balanced palate of ripe fruit and tannins.

Double Gloucester w/ Stilton
~ English Cheddar with Inner layers of Stilton
blue cheese. The flavours of both cheese compliment each other to provide a distinctive taste.

4th Pairing:

Dolce Vita
~ This elegant red dessert wine is crafted from the Marechal Foch grapes and displays intense notes of blackberry cherry and raspberry. Delicate touches of oak, jam and red currant give the wine a beautiful long and well-balanced finish.

Beemster XO
~ This premium dutch cheese is matured for 26 months to ensure
a wonderfully complex taste. As the cheese matures the flavours expand to the widest flavour ranges possible and still retains its smooth and creamy taste.

Myself and my partners in crime for the day!

Muir Murray Estate Winery & Foxhill Cheese!

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