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Nothing like a rainy June to make the colours pop. I don’t mind the rain, I really don’t. I am a minority I know. We will have sunshine soon enough and lots of it as the summer progresses.

For now, the wells are getting topped up and the gardens a good start and it looks so pretty. I woke up at around 3am and the sound of the rain pouring outside combined with the darkness and my cozy bed made for bliss.

 So…….the reason for this post….. If you follow/read my blog with Google reader or have liked it using Google friend of July 1st that service will be shut down. So…..I have found Bloglovin, a great way to follow all the blogs you love. You set up a free account and then you can add all the blogs you love and can read them all in one spot. To import all the blogs you already follow/like on Google Friends Connect / Reader go to this page and import them to Bloglovin:). So easy. Also a plus with this site is you can comment on blogs directly without leaving the reader. Yay.

Getting my groove back..

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