Dr. Bruce Pretty for Conservative

Dr. Bruce Pretty is the nominated candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada in the riding of Halifax West.

A long-time resident of Prospect Bay, Dr. Bruce Pretty is a professional eye surgeon who has helped improve the health and well-being of thousands of Nova Scotians over the years. His devotion to his patients is well-known and he would bring the same level of commitment and dedication to constituents as Member of Parliament for Halifax West.

Dr. Pretty is winding down his practice after 33 years to focus on listening to voters and how he can help serve them. In his capacity as an ophthalmologist, he has attended to Nova Scotia residents both in private practice and as a staff member of all hospitals in Halifax.

A lecturer at Dalhousie Medical School, Dr. Pretty is also a member of the Canadian Medical Society and the Medical Society of Nova Scotia. He has served as a committee member on the Nova Scotia Health Insurance Commission and has previously been a member of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, as well as the Canadian Ophthalmology Society.

Dr. Pretty is also an experienced businessman. Along with one of his three grown children, he co-owns The Halliburton Hotel in Halifax, where the focus has been on exceptional customer service.

A past president of the Halifax-St. Margaret’s Conservative Association, he has contemplated running as a candidate for the Conservative Party for a number of years. The timing of this election is perfect as he will be able to devote his energies to constituents full-time upon retiring his practice in May.

Health care is listed as one of the top issues that Canadians, and in particular residents of Halifax West, would like their candidates to address during this federal election. Dr. Pretty’s years of experience in the medical field will serve him well as he listens to voters’ opinions from now until Election Day on May 2nd.

Beyond his medical practice, Dr. Pretty is a licensed pilot who served as President of the Shearwater Flying Club. He is also an avid hunter and fly fisherman.

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Source: http://www.bedfordbeacon.com/meet-our-candidates-bruce-pretty-for-conservative

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