Dracula is “blood-curdling”, “a must see”

Last year Charles P. Allen High School put on a first class performance of Beauty and the Beast.

This year the school is presenting Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

This year’s musical production boasts a star-studded cast of  incredible talent.

Plan to attend and support your local high school. There are still two shows left; tonight and tomorrow evening.

The performances take place at Charles P. Allen High School, located at 670 Rocky Lake Drive in Bedford.

Tickets are available by calling 832-8964.

Dracula Synopsis:

Tiring of his eternal existence, Count Dracula (played by Jason Ross) seeks new life in England, enlisting the help of the young real estate agent Janathan Harker (Mason Young).

Dracula learns of Janathan’s fiancee, Mina (Alex Fenez), and soon becomes obsessed with making her his own, stopping at nothing to attain her.

Jonathan and Mina, together with the help of their friends and the eccentric Dr. van Helsing (Adam Prosser) seek to end Dracula’s reign of blood and terror.

Only they may be too late…

Other cast members:

Karalynn Lewis as Lucy Westrena
Chelsea Arsenault as Renfield
Jesse Winn as Dr. Jack Steward
Matt Hall as Quincy Morris
Liam MacDonald as Arthur Holmewood
Jen Mwambi-Kabonogo as Vampire
Shanoa Phillips as Vampire
Jenna Hanes as Vampire
Lisa Bowness as Vampire
Rachel Moore as Vampire

Dracula Chorus:

Kate Aske, Alison Harris, Emily Neil, Jennie Tang (Priest), Timara Douglas, Emma Kay (Nurse), Taylor Oakie, Chelsea Yeo, Sarah Green (Priest), Ainsley Moors (Nurse), Allison Scott (Nurse)

Director: Rielle Gates
Producer: Patricia van Donkelaar
Musical director: Nathan Beeler
Costumes: Jennifer Montgomery
Art directors: Anna Whalen & Heather Michael

Music by Frank Wildhorn
Book & Lyrics by Don Black & Christopher Hampton

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