Dressing like Carrie: Day One

AllyG: Not the best start, but give me time to warm up. Today my inspiration was as follows:


Pink sweater, tunic, jeans. I had a little do-rag in my hair a la this photo:

but the fact that I was taking my son for his six month shots and my husband refusing to leave the house with a “fortune teller” made me rethink the headgear. I went instead with a fedora, a Carrie staple.  I knew L-A would call this a weak move, so I threw on pearls. Lots of pearls. A pearl chocker and a pearl chain. I was going to do heels, but as I was trotting along with a stroller, I felt this to be too much.

I promise to do better tomorrow. I am going over to my girlfriend’s house to hang with the ladies. They have promised to help me recreate this number:


Wish me luck.

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