Favourite Friday – March 12th Edition – Save the Date and Please get your Hair Did

AllyG: L-A and I must have sent each other 100 DMs last night. We are THAT excited for our 1st birthday party. Don’t ask me whey we don’t pick up the phone. I think I’d be super weirded out if L-A ever called me. I’d be like, “WHAT IS THE EMERGENCY??!!!!”

We’re hosting the bash on Thursday, April 8th beginning at 5pm , so mark your calendars and stay tuned to the blog for more details. L-A and I are finalizing the locale, I’m insisting that the establishment must serve martinis. L-A is insisting it’s classy. Priorities.

We’re mostly just thrilled that this anniversary will provide an opportunity to get together with readers in person, and not just over The Internets. Imagine the fun! L-A and I are totes going to get ready together beforehand. That will look somewhat like this:

I think I’d like to ask the bitches from Cornell’s Pi Beta Phi to write us up a dress code for the party. Needless to say, we “won’t tolerate any gross plastic schizzz”.

I’ve already decided what I would like to wear. This prettykins pink column dress from Preen:


It’s just a mere $1,330 at Net-a-Porter. The good news is, if we all start saving now, we can make my dream a reality. Together, we can make a difference.

This week has been a rough one for Lindsay Lohan, she got tossed from Ungaro and has filed a cringe-worthy lawsuit against E-Trade. Ouch. So, people, being the kind soul that I am, I thought I’d give her the publicity she so craves right here on our very blog. The Crappy Pop Video of the Week: Lindsay Lohan, Rumours. One of the greatest crappy pop songs of all time. I say that with no irony. I have this on my ipod as one of my running tracks.

If you’d like, we can all do Lilo’s rooftop dance at our party! In a little line! Fun, non?

Also, L-A’s been doing some magic on the ole Internets, live-tweeting and blogging at youknowyoulovefashion.com. Her speciality is Gossip Girl and she brings it harder than Serena brings her cleavage in each episode. L-A, is there a twitter account as well? I believe you are sometimes live tweeting the eps?


L-A rocks. I’m so proud of her.

Speaking of L-A, her ‘power went out” last night (at least she’s getting creative) so her post was not saved. She’ll be updating later this morning. If you missed it on twitter, she threw down a new challenge for me.

“I’m daring Ally to dress like Carrie Bradshaw. I’m talking crazy bag lady Carrie Bradshaw. In public. With pictures. /la”

In my excitement to accept the challenge and defend Carrie’s honour, I stated that I would wear 7 oufits in 7 days…in public. I may not be able to live up to this and remain married. I will try my best. Needless to say, I will play game and sport a few outfits. Wish me luck. Photos to come next week.

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