Driving tests sooner: Province hiring more driver examiners

Nova Scotians will be able to get a driver’s test sooner with the Province adding more examiners and making the testing system more efficient.

“People need to go to work, get to appointments and visit with family and friends, and for many of us our quality of life depends on having a driver’s licence,” said Public Works Minister Kim Masland. “The current wait time is too long. Nova Scotians should be able to get a test for a licence when they need it.”

Public Works has hired five new driver examiners to work at Access Nova Scotia centres and is partnering with Safety Services Nova Scotia to hire and train 10 more. With these 15 new driver examiners, up to 900 tests per week will be added to the system. Tests are also being added by extending hours and making appointments available on weekends.

About 10 per cent of appointments are currently missed or not completed; this rate will be improved through reduced paperwork, more reminders and improved translated materials.

The goal of the initiative is to reduce wait times for a driver’s test to about three weeks. The current wait time in Nova Scotia is about six weeks and was as high as 22 weeks last August. Before the pandemic, the average wait time was 10 to 13 weeks.

“People depend on the services we provide, and we’re finding better, faster ways to deliver them. We’re working hard to improve the experience for Nova Scotians when they come to us for government services.”
— Colton LeBlanc, Minister of Service Nova Scotia

“In collaboration with Public Works, we are delighted to support initiatives that expand examiner resources and support reducing wait times for individuals who aspire to obtain their driver’s licence. This partnership underscores our enduring dedication to the well-being of Nova Scotians, and we would like to express our gratitude to the Province for its collaborative efforts, which have played a pivotal role in reducing wait times for individuals across our province.”
— Craig Whitehead, President and CEO, Safety Services Nova Scotia

Quick Facts:

  • there were 68,218 road tests scheduled in Nova Scotia for the 2022-23 fiscal year
  • the new examiners are being hired on one-year terms and are expected to be hired and trained by summer
  • the cost of this initiative is expected to be about $2.3 million

Additional Resources:
Information about getting a driver’s licence: https://novascotia.ca/driving-and-road-safety/

Road test appointments can be booked by calling 1-800-898-7668 (toll-free) or 902-424-5851

Department of Public Works on X, formerly Twitter: https://twitter.com/NS_PublicWorks

Via Provincial Release

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