Dug up a few Retro ads

A November 1978 ad from IKEA when they were on the corner of Windmill and Akerley

1978 was the start of Microwaves in the home – this Woolco ad had one on for a mere $900 ($3000 in today’s currency for a microwave!)


1973 ad from Eaton’s had a Clifton St Warehouse.


A menacing 1978 ad from the City of Halifax

Mills and Clinique had a long history of freebie bonuses dating back 40 years. Too bad Mills, in it’s latest carnation, dropped Clinique as a line when they moved.


In 1978 Halifax Transit was trying to get us to ride the bus.  Interesting, if you factor in inflation it would cost $100 a month to park downtown, but only $500 to fill your gas tank (and that was based on an 8 cylinder car)



A few Ads from 40 years ago for the opening of Mic Mac Mall.


mmm3  mmm1

Man robs store, “getaway cab” refuses to take him away

Parenthood – Up For Debate