Dunya on Tour

I go to a flamenco dance class every Wednesday morning.  The class is small and most of the students are either professional or highly trained dancers.  Unfortunately, “most” does not include me.  This is actually not a disadvantage because I’ve been learning for over two years now, I’ve got rhythm (very important for flamenco), and sometimes too much formal training can get in the way of expressing the right flamenco “attitude”.  At least, that’s what I try to tell myself when I’m lagging behind on the spins and turns: “Dammit!  Why is my ass still turning?…  Oh well, at least I look like I mean it. OLE!”

Last Sunday I danced with the group in the Dunya on Tour cultural festival in Rotterdam.  It was lots of fun.  Here is the video.  I’m the one with fuzzy hair, stage right of Marga, our instructor (in pants).  I would appreciate it if you didn’t watch me too closely.  Most is great but I do make a couple of truly stellar mistakes.  Hey, at least the shoes are good.  And that’s all that really matters.

Here we are doing the Sevillanas.  Much better dancing on my part.  My god I need a haircut.

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